A couple lodged a partner visa application, prepared by themselves on 12th December 2013.  Fortunately they were both in Australia at the time. If Mr X had been outside Australia at the time then he would most likely need to stay outside Australia throughout the processing of the visa.  Almost one year of waiting later, […]

 A RE-ENTRY BAN OR EXCLUSION PERIOD Have you been told this applies to you? Then either you overstayed a visa or had a visa cancelled.  Maybe this happened as a result of your overlooking a visa condition, or leaving the responsibility of your visa in the hands of an employer who didn’t understand the immigration process […]

Source: Sponsored Family Visit Visas- how to get them granted

I tell all of my clients that when they write about their relationship history that once it is submitted their case officer will in the very least ask Is it genuine? Does it satisfy the legislative criteria under regulation 1.15A to the Migration Regulations 1994? Sorry about that last one, sounds complicated.  I’m also sorry […]

I like to treat staff at the Department of Immigration and Border Protection(DIBP) with a lot of respect. I have spoken with many case officers over the phone and most of them are incredibly diligent, excellent problem solvers with an impressive knowledge of immigration law and policy. There is a lot of negativity in the media […]

I often send for entire Department of Immigration and Border Protection files where a person has, after attempting a visa application themselves, had their application refused.  I also need to do this even when a person was represented by a Registered Migration Agent/Immigration lawyer so that I can see what went wrong with the original […]

      These visas (Sponsored Family Visit Visas) appear easy to obtain.  The fee to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection is only $135, you need only have a relative in Australia, a reason  and some relevant identity documents – yes?   No. I have received countless calls from immigrant Australians upset, offended […]